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Graphite Pencil Study (08/12), R.Herman

It’s been a while. Around 2 months in fact. That’s not to say that I have been neglecting my artistry on account of it being the Summer hols, no sir. I have in truth been beavering away, website designing of all things (more on that in a later post!). I have also been presented with the fantastic opportunity to impress some of my (questionable) artistic prowess onto the minds of the young. In other words I have myself a tutee; an apprentice if you will, not dissimilar to the great masters themselves. No really, it has been wonderful to not only be asked to teach someone the basics, but to actually share in the achievement of completing a beautiful piece of work. (I am sounding far too emotional, forgive me, I shall stop.) Anyway, the graphite study above is the result of one of these tutoring sessions. One may recognise this as a rip-off of a drawing that is already in existence, and one would be correct. I have merely forgotten who the artist and subject are. Whoops. Please don’t let that put you off, however, I am simply using these little studies as an excuse to start blogging again, rather than claiming they are great pieces of work!



Pining for Summer

What with the sun finally deciding to peek its sorry face out from behind the clouds, and the joy I experienced in not having to dig my car out from its usual frosty lair this morning, I thought a few small piccies reminding me that Summer – fingers crossed – may well return this year were in order. And I hope to spend the majority of it in my messy garden, taking the odd snap or two.

Please excuse the state of the greenhouse shown in some of the photographs – judging by this you can clearly see that I am no gardener. I only hope that it does not cause offence to all you greenhouse fans out there.