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Walk the River

Walk the river,

We are lost, old animals.


Unique (and Cat), (05/05/2012)

A bit of equine action on a fresh May afternoon, courtesy of Cat and her horse, Unique. 🙂

I hope to one day attempt some sort of painted study of Unique, although I, having not so much as even sketched a horse before, shall see how that one goes…


Yes, we all know that pet photography is utterly lame and frankly offensive to what one would call art. And yes, I realise that I have just posted a photograph of my cat. What. A. Loser. But seriously, even the most enthusiastic of animal-photo-haters would have to admit that she looks pretty damn adorable here perched on top of the porch. I simply could not keep this cuteness to myself any longer. I had to share it with the world. Forgive me.