Rachael Herman

Tag: Acrylics


Oil and acrylic studies focussing on the diversity of the Norfolk landscape. I am especially inspired by the seasonal change in colour, which is a notable feature in the first piece.

Bishop’s Bridge, acrylic on canvas, 80cm x 50cm

Lupin, acrylic on canvas, 70cm x 40cm

Letton, oil on MDF board, 20cm x 20cm


A collection of portraits spanning from the A-level years to the present, taking my inspiration from the Renaissance painters, in particular, the great Raphael.

Jonathan, acrylic on canvas, 45cm x 30cm
Terence – senior, graphite pencil on cartridge paper, 10cm x 7.5cm
Terence, oil on MDF board, 20cm x 20cm
Cheryl, acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 30cm
Annie, oil on canvas, 80cm x 80cm
Jonathan, acrylic on canvas, 60cm x 40cm