Rachael Herman

Tag: Journey

Sheringham Park, Norfolk (12/05/2012)

Nostalgic views of the North Sea, sun-soaked Rhododendrons, mysterious monuments, and Bluebell-dappled woodland: all hallmarks of a splendid afternoon spent at what some would debate to be Norfolk’s finest picnic destination, Sheringham Park.

Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk (12/04/2012)

Here are a few snaps taken from a little jaunt up to the seaside sanctuary of Wells-next-the-Sea, situated humbly on the North Norfolk coast. Please bear in mind that, despite it being a gloriously sunny day, the wind-chill factor was something ridiculous like a cool -30 celsius. Combine that with my pathetic circulation and we have ourselves a bad case of the ‘numbies’ (a slow deadening of the fingers). As I was unable to feel where the shutter was when taking most of these shots, I was therefore having to employ a masterful technique involving slapping wildly about the top of the camera in order for finger and shutter to miraculously connect. Mare.

All Saints, Mattishall (04/2012)

‘Twas a rain-ragged evening when I stumbled across this gem of a photo opportunity. Incidentally, I happened to have my trusty Nikon D90 on me whilst driving around my home village, which was a relief when I noticed the amber glow of the church light bursting cheerily out against the dull, heavy grey of the dusk sky. It was so exciting I just had to stop and steal the scene for myself to keep.

A cheeky triptych

Here are a few shots showing off the wonderful colours that feature in the countryside around where I live. I am experimenting with different colour combinations and arrangements, ie. let’s put a highly saturated photograph of the grass next to one of the sky, which is also sporting a similarly ridiculous level of saturation. But seriously, the grass is greener where I live…

Just a little bike ride…

Here are a few snaps from one of the first instalments of my Spring/Summer stint of bike rides. As you can see I have shamelessly boarded the ‘Hipstamatic’ band-wagon – you know, with the stereotypical faux-medium format appearance; the vignetted edges and deeply contrasted monochromatic colour-scheme – which is a tool used to fool anyone into thinking that you are an achingly hip indie photographer. I completed this look not by the conventional iPhone approach, but instead by using my average Nikon D80 (with 50mm fixed lens) – and then editing them to smithereens on iPhoto, of course. I do hope that you are not too appalled by my desperate attempt to look cool…

Degree Show

This series of photographs and accompanying text serve as an overview of my third year studio practice, which was a piece based on the notions of journey and experience. Two different locations were used for each shoot: one being unknown and therefore a new ‘journey and experience’; the other a well-trodden route near to my home, a familiar journey. The result was a combination of images and text collating the familiar with the unfamiliar. Influences include journey-centered artist, Hamish Fulton, whom I was in fact fortunate enough to work with during the final year of my BA.