Rachael Herman

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Once Upon a Damp Spring Day…

A bit of a photo-tour around my soggy garden one afternoon, earlier this Springtime.

Snaps taken, as usual, with the old-faithful Nikon D90 and altered on iPhoto to give them that wonderous ‘Instagram’ edge.


Pining for Summer

What with the sun finally deciding to peek its sorry face out from behind the clouds, and the joy I experienced in not having to dig my car out from its usual frosty lair this morning, I thought a few small piccies reminding me that Summer – fingers crossed – may well return this year were in order. And I hope to spend the majority of it in my messy garden, taking the odd snap or two.

Please excuse the state of the greenhouse shown in some of the photographs – judging by this you can clearly see that I am no gardener. I only hope that it does not cause offence to all you greenhouse fans out there.