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Well-next-the-Sea, Norfolk (12/04/2012): NOW IN FULL COLOUR!

Just to prove to you people that it isn’t all ‘doom and gloom’ when it comes to my photography (check out the morbid state of my monotonic pictures below. Depressing aren’t they?), I have added four more shots from the Wells trip for your pleasure, but this time in full 24-bit true colour, baby. Notice the heavily saturated, sickly green-tinted appearance; vaguely resemblant of those cross-processed slide films we’ve all experimented with as part of a bid to be one of that painfully cool Lomography crowd. Enjoy.


Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk (12/04/2012)

Here are a few snaps taken from a little jaunt up to the seaside sanctuary of Wells-next-the-Sea, situated humbly on the North Norfolk coast. Please bear in mind that, despite it being a gloriously sunny day, the wind-chill factor was something ridiculous like a cool -30 celsius. Combine that with my pathetic circulation and we have ourselves a bad case of the ‘numbies’ (a slow deadening of the fingers). As I was unable to feel where the shutter was when taking most of these shots, I was therefore having to employ a masterful technique involving slapping wildly about the top of the camera in order for finger and shutter to miraculously connect. Mare.