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Hanging Basket #1 (11/07/2012), R.Herman

Hanging Basket  #1, 11/07/2012

Having returned home from work today nothing short of a bruised and battered war hero – yes, it is that glorious time of year when schools decide to send their pupils out to fun places, masquerading it as ‘curriculum enhancement’. Apparently I put my name down for paintballing?! Owie… – I thought what better way to ‘debrief’ than to soak up the tepid rays of the evening sun in the serene green of the garden. Paintball gun left firmly behind, I instead armed myself with preferred weapon of choice, the ol’ Nikon d90. (Results shown above^).


Weston (05/2012), R.Herman

Weston Rachael Herman (2012), oil on canvas, 800 mm x 700 mm

Please welcome my latest piece that I have been beavering away at for these past few weeks. Confined to my little bedroom, amidst the fumes of turpentine and frustration, I am happy to say that I have finally finished this study of Cat’s fabulous horse, Unique. It does appear to be devoid of a rider (soz Cat), as I wanted to portray the beautiful creature trotting about her meadow freely, as nature intended, or something like that. (Basically, I acted out of cowardice, as I was too scared to paint not only a horse, but a person atop the horse, as painting a horsey alone is a mighty challenge in itself!)

As far as the technical aspects of the piece are concerned, I was going for a more impressionistic approach – you know, all Monet and such. A prime example of this is demonstrated by the trees in the left of the scene, which accounts for there being less focus on form and more on colour and the interplay of light. This is a style I am thus far unfamiliar with in my own practise, hence why it probably looks terrible, but hey, I’ll put that one down to experience I guess… As far as the horse is concerned, I tackled that in my usual ‘blend the colours like there’s no tomorow’ approach – a failsafe when faced with one of those difficult equine shapes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.


Once Upon a Damp Spring Day…

A bit of a photo-tour around my soggy garden one afternoon, earlier this Springtime.

Snaps taken, as usual, with the old-faithful Nikon D90 and altered on iPhoto to give them that wonderous ‘Instagram’ edge.

Walk the River

Walk the river,

We are lost, old animals.

Rhododendron in White (12/05/2012), Sheringham Park

Here’s a pretty picture of a flower to brighten an otherwise dull day :).

Sheringham Park, Norfolk (12/05/2012)

Nostalgic views of the North Sea, sun-soaked Rhododendrons, mysterious monuments, and Bluebell-dappled woodland: all hallmarks of a splendid afternoon spent at what some would debate to be Norfolk’s finest picnic destination, Sheringham Park.

The First (and apparently last) Day of Spring, Norfolk (30/04/2012)

Yesterday, here in fair England, we experienced what is more commonly known to the rest of the world as ‘good weather’. Naturally, I seized upon this happy rarity and hopped on board my bike; full of wretched determination to soak up every last ray of long overdue sunshine with my trusty d90. I was particularly keen on snapping that luminous yellow favourite, Oilseed Rape, as you can see from the images below. Oh, how it glows in that marvelous late-afternoon light!

Needless to say, the weather has of course reverted back to its usual dreary, watery self after this one glorious day of relief. Sigh.

Well-next-the-Sea, Norfolk (12/04/2012): NOW IN FULL COLOUR!

Just to prove to you people that it isn’t all ‘doom and gloom’ when it comes to my photography (check out the morbid state of my monotonic pictures below. Depressing aren’t they?), I have added four more shots from the Wells trip for your pleasure, but this time in full 24-bit true colour, baby. Notice the heavily saturated, sickly green-tinted appearance; vaguely resemblant of those cross-processed slide films we’ve all experimented with as part of a bid to be one of that painfully cool Lomography crowd. Enjoy.

Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk (12/04/2012)

Here are a few snaps taken from a little jaunt up to the seaside sanctuary of Wells-next-the-Sea, situated humbly on the North Norfolk coast. Please bear in mind that, despite it being a gloriously sunny day, the wind-chill factor was something ridiculous like a cool -30 celsius. Combine that with my pathetic circulation and we have ourselves a bad case of the ‘numbies’ (a slow deadening of the fingers). As I was unable to feel where the shutter was when taking most of these shots, I was therefore having to employ a masterful technique involving slapping wildly about the top of the camera in order for finger and shutter to miraculously connect. Mare.

All Saints, Mattishall (04/2012)

‘Twas a rain-ragged evening when I stumbled across this gem of a photo opportunity. Incidentally, I happened to have my trusty Nikon D90 on me whilst driving around my home village, which was a relief when I noticed the amber glow of the church light bursting cheerily out against the dull, heavy grey of the dusk sky. It was so exciting I just had to stop and steal the scene for myself to keep.