Reading List, Jan 2011 – Present

by Rachael Herman

For those of you who are vaguely interested, I have compiled a bit of a reading list outlining the books I have already encountered, followed by those of which I intend to do the same; all in desperate attempt to become more cultured. At some point I hope to write short reviews on each book I have read – each accompanied by a small illustration, art fans, never fear  –  but all in good time. Oh, and yes, children’s books will of course be featured.


Watership Down, Richard Adams

To Kill A Mocking Bird, Harper Lee

His Dark Materials Trilogy, Philip Pullman

From the Edge of Tyranny, Edward Fraser

Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro

Life of Pi, Yann Martell

The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson

The Star’s Tennis Balls, Stephen Fry

Chocolat, Joanne Harris

Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

The Fry Chronicles, Stephen Fry

The Colour Purple, Alice Walker

The da Vinci Code, Dan Brown

Before I Go To Sleep, S. J Watson

A Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

The Diary of Adrian Mole, Sue Townsend

Leonardo da Vinci Notebooks, Selected by Irma A. Richter

The Girl in a Swing, Richard Adams

The Hippopotamus, Stephen Fry

The Hunger Games Trilogy, Suzanne Collins

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Jonathan Safran Foer

To Read:

The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkein

The Turn of the Screw, Henry James

One Day, David Nicholls

Making History, Stephen Fry

The Talented Mr. Ripley, Patricia Highsmith

Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy

Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden

Theaetetus, Plato

The Day of the Triffids, John Wyndham

Animal Farm, George Orwell

Vanity Fair, William Makepeace Thackery

Jude the Obscure, Thomas Hardy

Sybil, Flora Rheta Schreiber

Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell